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Upgrade your property with Lotus Energy and Solar®! By switching to solar energy, you increase your property’s market value, prevent yourself from blackouts, help the environment and, of course, save A LOT of money that would otherwise only go into the pockets of the electric companies.



Hurricane season doesn’t have to mean having to deal with energy blackouts. When you switch to solar, you become prepared for every situation.



Most of the homes in the USA still rely on fossil fuels for energy, making up a HUGE carbon footprint - you can step away from this! Make the switch and help the planet.



Take control of your bills and your consumption. Our integrated apps allow you to monitor consumption and production in real time.



With solar energy, you can even ZERO your electric bill. And with programs like leasing cash buy, and fixed-rate financing it is easier than ever to make the switch.


We believe everyone deserves solar - and with good quality products, too. That’s why we, at Lotus Energy & Solar, work only with Top Quality brands and offer all types of payment options and facilities.

After all, all of us can benefit from making the switch! We know the secrets the power company won’t tell you. Lotus Energy & Solar has been helping homeowners to lower their bills and start taking back control of their energy expenses for a change.

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Our Solar Solutions

Solar Backup Battery

Lotus Energy & Solar has a strong track record of working with recognized and emerging brands in solar, to deliver you the highest quality and most up-to-date products. ☀

Wait no more, choose the experts in residential solar & energy efficiency. Contact us to get your Generac battery backup system and never worry about losing power during hurricane season again!

  • Say goodbye to Blackouts
  • We’re a Generac authorized dealer
  • A great cost-benefit investment
  • Be prepared for everything

Solar Attic Fan

At Lotus Energy & Solar, we work only with the best equipment and brands. Our Solar Attic Fan is

The new patent-pending enhanced design, with a Smooth-air Deflector in the shroud of the fan, will ventilate up to 4300 square feet of attic space with a single fan.

This next-generation solar-powered attic fan is our most powerful and efficient model yet.

The Professional Series Solar Powered Attic Fan 9930TR effectively lowers attic heat build-up in the summer months, reducing energy usage, and removes moisture in the winter months. The result? A lot of money is saved all year around!

  • Remove heat and moisture from your attic space
  • A cooler attic means less energy usage in summertime!
  • Protect your home and roof and reduce premature aging of roof shingles
  • Improve comfort, efficiency, and longevity of your home!

Reflective Attic Insulation

In the warmer months, the sun’s heat that gets trapped in the attic can significantly impact your electricity bills and comfort. That’s because all that heat makes it harder for your house to maintain a cool temperature. With a reflective attic insulation, you can eliminate this problem!

While traditional insulation does help with the heat flow in your attic, only reflective insulation can really handle all types of heat that comes from the sun. It reflects 97% of all radiant heat; making a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

At Lotus Energy & Solar we work with only state-of-the-arte reflective attic insulations, aiming to provide you with the best product and best results.

  • Cool your home in the summer months
  • Lower your electricity bill
  • Superior technology compared to regular insulation

Solar Panels Installation

Say goodbye to blackouts and energy shortages. Hurricane season? No problem! With solar energy, your home is completely independent in what comes to electricity.

But the advantages of going solar don’t stop there. Besides being self sufficient, by switching to solar energy you are making a great investment! It increases your property value, lowers your monthly bills and, eventually, can even ZERO your monthly expenses with electricity.

At Lotus Energy & Solar we believe that everyone deserves to have the benefits of solar energy. That’s why we offer various payment options and facilities, and work with only top-notch brands and equipments.

  • Lower, or even ZERO, your Electricity Bills
  • Lower your carbon emissions, help the environment
  • Make your home self sufficient
  • Increase your property value

Solar Water Heater

While the upfront investment of a solar water heater can be a little higher than installing a traditional water heater, it is an investment that pays itself in the long run.

That is because water heating can make up to 18% of a home’s electricity bill; while a solar water heater can drop your monthly costs with water heating up to 80%!

Not only having a solar water heater can save you a lot of money, it also helps the environment!

  • Hot water available all day, every day
  • A lot of money saved in the long run
  • Easy maintenance and environmentally friendly

Solar Pool Heating

Make summer last longer with a Solar Pool Heating System!

Harness the power of the sun to warm your pool and extend your swimming season from spring to fall, getting the most out of your investment with minimum expenses.

At Lotus Energy & Solar we only work with the best brands! The FAFCO solar pool heating system that we work with has superior technology, great performance and a 12-year warranty.

  • A lot more economical than the gas alternative
  • 12 year warranty
  • Extend your swimming season from spring to fall
  • Increase your property’s value

Solar Pool Pumps

With a solar pool pump, you eliminate your electricity expenses with pool maintenance. The pump works solely on the power of the sun!

It is quiet, environmentally friendly and a great investment.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very silent
  • Pollution-free

Smart Thermostats

With a smart thermostat, you can say goodbye to the struggle of finding the right temperature for your home.

The Smart Thermostat programs itself as it learns your preferences, and connects to your heating and cooling systems, keeping track of weather reports to adjust your home temperature accordingly.

  • Energy saving features
  • More comfort for your family, no more struggle to find the right temperature
  • Control your home’s temperature using your phone
Jinko Solar
Mission Solar
Silfab Solar


Happy Clients & Feedbacks

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"Outstanding Solar Company... Sam was awesome, full of everything you could want to know. Top notch equipment. Morgan did a great job getting things going and done quickly. If you are going solar - Lotus Energy and Solar should be your number one choice."

Dale Martin

“Phenomenal company. I highly recommend them when considering to go Solar. Great prices, fast installations, great communication, & beautiful looking panels. I couldn’t be happier! GO LOTUS!”

Danielle Delany

“Truly impressed with the installation and the crew who installed the Solar Panels and the Generac Battery pack. Now we just need to see how the system works and how it helps on our electric bill.”

David Aguirre

“I am very grateful to Lotus Energy and Solar! Their pricing is honest and reasonable; I had a bad experience with two other companies. Their staff was prompt, friendly, and very hard working! When my dog ran away, one of their techs even ran after him, and chased him back to the house! But mainly, I applaud the company's honesty, which is rare in this industry. Thank you so much!”

Carol Harp

“Nelson and his crew were amazing. From start to finish the entire project was a home run. Very professional and neat. Friendly workers who pay attention to detail. Nelson, the owner, got to know us and made sure that everything was personal and we were not just a job. He was actually there for the whole installation. Not too many businesses give that sort of personalization and quality.”

Stephen Flaherty

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